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Northfield Builders Inc. Takes on Cain’s Quest

On March 2nd, 2018 Northfield Builders Inc. and two professional snowmobile racers/enthusiasts, Mark Simms and Tyson Russell will be joining forces to challenge the legend “Cain’s Quest” in one of the most extreme winter endurance races on the planet. Our team “Northfield Racing – The Basque Connection” is a new team with strong ties to the south coast of Labrador.

Cain’s Quest, the world’s toughest snowmobile endurance race, is:

Northfield Racing logo
  • A world class sporting event that has and continues to attract international attention from media, participants and visitors alike
  • The premiere snowmobile race to watch
  • Described as “The Ultimate” in extreme racing
  • A true Northern Adventure that gives racers the experience of a life time as they traverse the great Labrador Wilderness
  • Incredible, off-trail riding where teams of two (racers) battle in an all-out race, to reach the finish line
  • Growing from a 1200-kilometre race with 15 teams in 2006 to a 3100-kilometre race with 40 teams in March 2018
  • Watched by 70 different countries
  • Attracting teams from as far away as Finland

The teams race through deep snow, a variety of topography, thick wooded areas and wide open frozen lakes and ocean, in some of the most remote parts of Labrador. This race is definitely not for the faint of heart.

Racers push body and machine to the limits in an all-out race to the finish, for a shot at a hefty prize purse. Teams of two leave the start line pumped with adrenaline and an eye on the prize. Some, with a “take no prisoners” attitude, may quickly learn that when the going gets tough, sportsmanship, and help from a competing team, is often what it takes to make it through. The race runs day and night guided by GPS and gut instinct to get teams from checkpoint to checkpoint. This event requires a solid strategy, top gun riding skills, the will to keep going, a tough, dependable snowmobile, and a whole lot of luck!

The race is managed by Cain’s Quest Inc, a volunteer run, not for profit organization. The Cain’s Quest Board of Directors works tirelessly throughout the year and throughout the race week to make this event world class. It brings the race into the homes of race fans and snowmobile enthusiasts across the globe. Each team is equipped with a satellite tracking device which enables visitors to log onto
and watch the race in near real time. Not only is this an added safety feature for the teams, but it allows race followers to cheer on their favorite teams and watch the race changing from moment to moment.

Contestants flock from all over the world to brave the elements, battle each other and compete for their moment of glory. While there is a prize of $100,000.00 (Cdn), with $50,000.00 going to the 1st place winner, the money is far from being the main motivation for the racers.

During race week, communities across Labrador are lending a hand with volunteers manning checkpoints, headquarters, communications, and everything in between.

It takes effective marketing and  strong financial backing  from each team to make this world class and extreme race a success. As such we solicit your support in presenting “Team 80, Northfield Racing – The Basque Connection” as a world class racing team. 

We are a “Labrador team” with strong connections to the South Coast, fishing community of Red Bay, which has in recent years become recognized as the home of the 15th Century, Basque Whaling, and National Historic Site. This site has more recently been recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Centre Organization .

We are committed to, Challenging the Legend, completing the race and making our sponsors, supporters, partners, communities and fans proud to be part of this challenge.

Our team racers, Mark Simms and Tyson Russell are proud of their roots, Labrador connections and their home town affiliations. We provide the following as an introduction to our professional partners.

I grew up in a small town on the tip of the Northern Peninsula of Newfoundland – St. Anthony. I’ve been riding a snowmobile for as long as I can remember. My earliest memory of riding on a snowmobile was actually in the Cartwright area with my father on what I think was a 15hp Olympic while we were hunting for “sprucers” (spruce partridge) along the shores of Sandwich Bay. Our family left Cartwright before I started school, so I wasn’t much more than 3 or 4 at the time. Once in St. Anthony, I distinctly remember multiple occasions as a kid and teenager when I would look across the Strait of Belle Ilse and see the snow-covered hills in behind Red Bay well into May, June and sometimes even July and all I could think about was getting the opportunity to ride there some day. Over the years I did spend a fair bit of time in the Labrador Straits during late spring/early summer, but I never did get the chance to go for a ride.

My early adult life took me away from my roots and I found myself having endless snowmobiling adventures throughout Canada’s Western Arctic. During my 5 years in Inuvik, NWT I covered 10’s of thousands of kilometers of remote arctic wilderness along the Alaska border, throughout the most northerly section of the Yukon as well as the Northwest Territories by snowmobile, often unsupported and having to rely on my own skills to get me home.

11 years ago, my wife Kathy and I along with our two 2 kids Shawn and Lauren jumped at an opportunity to move to Labrador. My work as a Fishery Officer and my passion for the outdoors has enabled me to travel throughout much of the ‘Land that God gave to Cain” by snowmobile. I finally got a chance to ride those hills while scouting for and racing in the 2014 Cain’s Quest race and I was not disappointed. I’ve raced in Cain’s Quest in 2012, 2014 and 2016 and I can honestly say that my passion for this sport has only grown stronger over the years. Proper preparation and execution is critical and while I think we have had that part of the equation figured out for a while now, getting some luck on our side has not been easy.

Partnering with Gerald and Kris Ryan at “Northfield Builders Inc” in creating our new team “Northfield Racing” with support from Tyrone Normore at “Normore Enterprises” and other Sponsors has been an exciting adventure so far. This new team will allow us to be better prepared than ever before. We have built up an excellent support crew and a solid fan base over the past 3 races and everyone I speak with (including fellow racers) have been very encouraging. Statements like “this is your year” or “this race is yours to win” make us proud to be part of something big. It is encouraging to know that others feel the same way that we do. We have the tools required to not only finish this race (which is a massive challenge in itself) but to be top contenders.

I am fortunate to have Tyson as a partner as his knowledge and experience is incredible and we complement each other very well. We have supportive families and friends, some fantastic sponsorship already in place and now we are part of a Team that shares a common goal – to “Challenge the Legend”.

I grew up on the south coast of Labrador before there were roads. In the winter months snowmobile was how we travelled within and between towns. I was riding on snowmobiles before I could walk. As a child l moved away from Labrador but visits back in the winter were spent out on the land. As an adult, I began a career as a Fishery Officer posted to Northern Labrador. While there I spent most of my work and personal time learning how to navigate the vast country on snowmobile. The experience and knowledge I gained was invaluable. It was while I was in Nain that I first learned about Cain’s Quest; the inaugural race had occurred the previous year. The concept of a snowmobile endurance race across Labrador was intriguing; I was hooked. During that time, I first met Mark Simms. We have been riding together from a work/professional stand point and recreationally over the past eleven years. In that time, I have become more than familiar with Labrador, having traveled extensively on snowmobile during the winter months. While in Goose Bay, most of my spare time was spent exploring new areas in Labrador’s back country and tending a trap line based out of my remote cabin.

Growing up in Labrador, my family roots spread to many corners of The Big Land with Red Bay being no exception. I have spent many summer vacations in Red Bay and still do so today; bringing my spouse Kathleen and children, Adele, Seamus, and Flora to visit the beautiful little community where I still have family residing.

In 2014 I ran support for Team 05 Goose Bay which Mark was a part of. It was in that experience that I gained respect and understanding for Cain’s Quest. I spent 2014 chasing Mark and his partner throughout Labrador with a load of gas and parts in tow. The extreme cold and snow storms we encountered in that race only deepened my desire to become a racer. In 2015, I was given the opportunity to partner with Mark and start preparations for Cain’s Quest 2016 as a racer. That experience allowed me to fine tune the tools necessary to be a top quality professional team that competes at the top of the pack. Having worked together on a daily basis for 8 years Mark and I have become more than a team. We understand what it means to “Challenge the Legend” of CQ and are committed to succeeding as a top rated team.

Partnering with Gerald and Kris Ryan and with support from Tyrone Normore and other sponsors has given Mark and I another chance at Cain’s Quest. We appreciate their support and that of our families. Living in Labrador, we have established numerous connections with people far and wide, allowing us to build a dependable and resourceful support team. We can rely on our team and connections to support Team 80 Northfield Racing- The Basque Connection in all sections of the race. The resources provided by our support and connections are unmatched and of true professional quality.

I am confident and proud to say Team 80, Northfield Racing - The Basque Connection is a top rated team and true contender in CQ 2018.

Northfield Builders is a Labrador owned and operated company that has been built with pride. We, the owners, are confident that our company is structured and positioned to respond to the needs of our clients. We always seek to present ourselves in a positive light, with a can-do attitude without forgetting our mission, vision and values.

At Northfield Builders Inc., our mission is to perform for our customers the highest level of quality construction services at fair market, competitive prices. Northfield Builders was incorporated in September 2005 in the province of Alberta, and in 2009, we relocated and re-registered as a Newfoundland and Labrador company.

We strive to ensure the longevity of our company, through repeat and referral business, achieved by customer satisfaction in all areas, including timeliness, attention to detail and service-minded attitudes. We maintain the highest levels of professionalism, integrity, honesty and fairness in our relationships with our suppliers, subcontractors, professional associates and customers.

We also strive to provide our employees with an honest and helpful working environment, where all employees, individually and collectively, can dedicate themselves to providing our customers with exceptional workmanship, extraordinary service, and professional integrity. Our commitment to this mission will allow Northfield Builders to become, not only a preferred construction company, but the construction company of choice for all of Labrador.

Our Vision and Values
Our vision is to maintain integrity and to be the company that is defined by, and recognized for, the quality of the services provided. We do so by strictly adhering to our core values:

  • Commitment with/to the client
  • Act with integrity
  • Respect to/for people
  • Honesty is the only way
  • Open communication
  • Professional always
  • Lead by example
  • Team work
  • Commitment to quality

Sponsorship Levels

Bronze – Up to $500 gets a listing on our profile on the Cain’s Quest website along with our own social media.

Silver – Up to $501 - $1000 gets your company logo on our snowmobile as well as a listing on our profile on the Cain’s Quest website along with our own social media.

Gold – Up to $1001 - $2000 gets the same, but in a higher profile position.

Platinum – Up to $2001 - $5000 gets all that, plus a place on our support trailer(s). We will be having road support throughout the race and your logo will be proudly displayed in all communities we can reach.

Partner – Over $5000 gets you full access to the most visible portions of all of our promotional material including the snowmobile wraps, trailers, attire, social media etc. We also invite you to attend the open house event prior to the race and be part of the team. The same holds true during the race itself and the closing banquet. This will give you an opportunity to truly be a part of something special. Not many people get the chance to see the entire behind the scenes work that goes into Cain’s Quest.

We gracefully ask that you Sponsor/Partner with us in making this a reality. Together we can make this happen.

Gerald B. Ryan
Team Manager, Team 80
Northfield Racing, “The Basque Connection”


Tyson Russell – Racer

Mark Simms

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